The Skaldi are celebrating after their meeting.  She and Joscelin are watched closely, and when Selig retires that night, he demands Phèdre’s presence in his bedchambers.  Despite the ribauld comments, Phèdre goes to Selig like a queen rather than a slave.  Once there she is surprised at the number of books and parchments in his chambers.  As she suspected, Selig is a learned man, one who reads and writes and thinks.  Selig is interested in the fact that Phèdre is learned as well, particularly in the D’Angeline sensual arts.

The next day Phèdre goes to say goodbye to Hedwig and is nearly raped by one of the men in attendance at the Allthing.  Both Gunter’s men and Joscelin rush to protect her, with Joscelin killing the man who perpetrated the crime.  Selig, seeing only the end result, orders Joscelin to be killed, but Phèdre begs for his life.  Selig is surprised that the obsequious Phèdre would defy him, but Joscelin is rescued by members of Gunter’s steading who back up Phèdre’s story.  Realizing that Joscelin only was trying to defend Phèdre he gives her the man’s death as payment for the wrong nearly done to her, and orders Joscelin clapped in irons.

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