Phedre Serves Joie


The Dowayne of Cereus House allows Phèdre to attend the annual Midwinter Masque on the Longest Night, despite the fact that Phèdre will not reach her tenth birthday until the spring.  As Cereus House is the first amongst the houses of the Night Court it always has the honor of holding the event.  Phédre is amongst the children chosen to serve joie to the guests in attendance.

The spectacle of the masque is dazzling.  All thirteen of the Night Court comes in costumes of different themes.  Once the other guests are given entrance the event becomes a motley crew of different costumes.  Amongst the crowd is Anafiel Delaunay, who recognizes Phèdre, but doesn’t explain to her how he knew her.

Towards midnight, the party of Prince Baudoin de Trevalion arrives, loud and raucous.  Phèdre takes the opportunity to serve the prince and she charms him.  He drunkenly drinks the joie she offers and shatters his glass before sweeping her up for a kiss, naming her joy bearer.  Towards midnight, the great pageant of the masque begins, with the Winter Queen hobbling out met by the Sun Prince dressed gloriously in cloth-of-gold.  When the Winter Queen takes off her rags she is revealed to be Suriah, while the Sun Prince reveals himself to be Prince Baudoin.  Phèdre realizes that night is her first introduction to politics, as the prince is making a none-to-subtle political statement.

Characters ReturningEdit

  • Phèdre nó Delaunay

  • Anafiel Delaunay

  • Suriah nó Cereus

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Prince Baudoin de Trevalion
  • Duc Isidore d'Aiglemort


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