Joscelin heals and begins to teach Selig.  Selig floundered and in frustration locked away Joscelin’s arms and locks him away again.  Selig became even more suspicious of his D’Angelines.  A letter comes for Selig with Kolbjorn of the Manni, one of the tribes closest to the Caerdicci.  Phèdre recognizes the seal on it as being House Shahrizai.  She realizes that Melisande is playing both sides of this battle, D’Aiglemort and Selig, choosing to side with the victor.

Selig announces a great hunt for his guest the next day, one that would take most of the men from the steading.  Phèdre realizes this will be her chance to escape.  She shares her plan with Joscelin, know she’s asking him to kill a man with his own hands.  He agrees, though it pains him to do so.

That night she contemplated killing Selig right there and ending his threat.  Her efforts to reach his dagger alert him and she cannot manage it.  The next day she is terrified, both of what she almost did and what she and Joscelin were preparing to do.  When Selig’s folk leave for the hunt, she begins to go into action.  She uses the skills taught to her by Hyacinthe to pick the lock of Selig’s coffer and grabs Joscelin’s arms and Melisande letter.  Grabbing a few supplies, she goes to Joscelin,  There he manages to kill his single guard.  Taking the guards wolf-fur cloak, Joscelin puts it on to steal out as one of the guards.

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  • Kolbjorn of the Manni


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