With Joscelin faking to be one of Selig’s White Brethren, he and Phèdre gather some supplies and horses and make their way out of the camp.  Joscelin leads them through hunters trails, calling upon his own childhood raised in the mountains of Siovale.  They encounter some of the White Brethren who guarded Selig’s territory, killing the guards.  They make their way through the snow and the forest.

Joscelin teaches Phèdre the rudiments of how to survive in the wilderness,  Phèdre admits to trying to kill Selig, surprising Joscelin who realizes now what a pupil Delaunay created.  The two of the come to an accord, each recognizing that they thought the worst of each other, but now realize they each have hidden strengths and talents.  Joscelin vows to get Phèdre to Ysandre, but believes himself damned for his actions in Skaldia.

Characters ReturningEdit


  • Skaldia
    • Selig’s Steading

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Chapter 50

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Chapter 52

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