The pair make their way through the Skaldi forest towards the Camaeline Range.  It is only when they get there that they realize that Selig has a party waiting for them there.  Joscelin decides to go above them on a ridge that would pass over them.  Along the way they lose Joscelin’s horse, who breaks a leg.  They use the horses blood to survive on through the mountains and arrive in Camlach.

The Allies of Camlach find them and suspect them at first.  When Phèdre convinces them they are refugees who are trying to get to the City, the commander decides to take them in.  Joscelin, knowing their D’Aiglemort’s men pulls a dagger on the leader and has Phèdre take two of the horses.  They flee down the mountain.  They get to the main road, Eisheth’s Way, and there come upon a Yeshuite family.  As Joscelin is a Casseline, they seek to help and hide the pair of them in their wagon.   


Characters ReturningEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Taavi-a Yeshuite weaver
  • Danele-Taavi’s wife


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Chapter 53

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Chapter 55

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