The Allies of Camlach come upon the wagon but do not find Joscelin or Phèdre.  Riding on, they leave the Yeshuites, who decide to take the pair of them as far as they can.  They part ways at the road that leads to the City of Elua.  They leave the Skaldi pony with the family for the girls.  They walk the rest of the way to the City in the cold.  When they arrive in the City, Phèdre suggests they go to Hyacinthe, though Joscelin is less confident in that plan.  As they enter, they find out that the City has been ravaged by plague.

They make their way to Night’s Doorstep and send Hyacinthe’s stable lads to fetch him.  Hyacinthe is stunned and overjoyed to see Phèdre alive, as Phèdre sobs all over him.  Hyacinthe takes them to his house and tells them that they’ve both been tried and convicted in absentia for the murder of Delaunay and his household.

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