Hyacinthe now lives alone, his mother having died weeks earlier during the fever plague.  Hyacinthe had taken no other tenants since and the house is empty enough to hide the two of them.  They tell Hyacinthe of their story and he is horrified to hear that D’Aiglemort and Melisande were planning such a betrayal of their home.  Between the three of them they try to plan on how to get a message to Ysandre.  Phèdre decides to write a love letter to Thelesis de Mornay, couching within it a message for her in Cruithne.  Hyacinthe has a runner deliver it to the Palace.

Phèdre has trouble sleeping without Joscelin there, but she eventually does relax and sleeps till late in the mornings.  They are finally able to get fresh clothes and much needed baths before Thelesis arrives.  She is shocked and happy to see Phèdre alive.  She takes Phèdre to an audience with Ysandre and Joscelin and Hyacinthe accompany her.

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