Thelesis takes the three of them to the Palace and presents them to Ysandre.  The Dauphine challenges Phèdre with the charges against her, and Phèdre finally delivers her message to her, claiming not only her innocence, but revealing the plot of D’Aiglemort and Melisande.  She and Joscelin share their entire story then.  Ysandre is cautious in believing them, particularly as she knows Delaunay would not have told Phèdre that he was her oath-sworn protector.  Phèdre suggests questioning the guard, who would have seen her and Joscelin at the Palace that day.  It is only then that Ysandre relents, realizing they are telling the truth.

Ysande bids them to follow her to the King’s chambers.  She reveals her grandfather is dying.  Hyacinthe confirms this, as he speaks the dromonde, fortelling the king will die in three days.  The palace guards confirm they saw Joscelin and Phèdre that day, and Ysandre realizes that she is soon facing taking the throne with a coup on her hands and warfare coming.  She offers to clear Phèdre’s and Joscelin’s names, but Phèdre realizes there is a tactical advantage in not doing so.  Neither D’Aiglemort nor Melisande realize that they have returned, and if Ysandre publically clears them, it will tip her hand.  Ysandre reluctantly agrees, deciding to keep them as guests of the palace.</p

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