As Hyacinthe predicted, the king dies three days later.  Ysandre is crowned queen in a hasty affair.  Phèdre mourns the part she played in Delaunay's death and how Melisande used her.  Joscelin suggests that she go to the Temple of Kushiel to make penance.  He is right in his suggestion and Phèdre makes her atonement, feeling better for it afterwards.

Ysandre decides she is retiring to one of her estates under the guise of mourning the death of her grandfather.  She calls those few nobles she knows she can trust and who were a part of Delaunay’s circle.  Phèdre and Joscelin share their story.  They are troubled by their tale and confused as to why D’Aiglemort sought to kill Delaunay.  Ysandre replies it was because Delaunay was keeping a promise to her, to help bring her fiancé, the Alban Prince Drustan, to Terre d'Ange.  She also reveals what Phèdre never knew about her master, that he was the son of the Comte de Montrève of Siovale, who had disowned him (Delaunay) after he tied himself to her father, Rolande.

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