Hyacinthe knows of Tsingano backroads to Kusheth, where Rousse’s fleet is at.  They devise a plan to travel with the Tsingano horse traders to Kusheth.  An oath of secrecy and loyalty is sworn and the members of the group dispersed to do their part.  Phèdre begins to study up on the Master of the Straits.

Ysandre brings Master Tielhard to her country house to complete Phèdre’s marque, much to Phèdre’s gratitude.  Now she can go about the Queen’s business officially as a free D’Angeline, her debt to Naamah and Delaunay now officially paid and recognized.  When it is done, Ysandre comes by to see it, curious.  She has never met a Servant of Naamah before, Ganelon insisted on her virginity.  Ysandre likens it to Phèdre’s own situation with Delaunay, how she could not spend the coin of her love freely.  As a parting gift she gives Phèdre her father Rolande’s diary, as he speaks much of Delaunay.

The next morning she sets off with Hyacinthe and Joscelin.  Hyacinthe has Tsingano clothes for himself and Phèdre.  For Joscelin he procures a Mendicants cloak.  Ysandre gives Joscelin his vambraces and daggers and announces all is in readiness.  She gives Phèdre her father’s signet ring and bids her show it to Rousse if he doubts her word, then to give it to Drustan so that he might know from whence she came.  With her blessing the party sets out.



  • The Courcel Estate

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