The party travels across Terre d'Ange towards Kusheth and the Hippochamp.  After several days they meet another chaidrov on the road and realize they are in the right direction.  Phèdre reads Prince Rolande’s journal and pieces together the great romance of Delaunay’s life, the one that so shaped her life.  She sees why Delaunay loved the Prince so and is dismayed to read of the rift that tore them apart.  She realizes that Ysandre has grown up her entire life knowing only the greed for power and the struggle by others for it.  It is a small wonder she wants Drustan, for he has no interest in her crown.  Phèdre knows that he would have an army to bring with him to aid against the Skaldi and remembers that the Cruithne have never known defeat.  She prays that she will not fail.

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