The next day they find Hyacinthe’s grandfather, Manoj.  The true story of his birth comes out, of how his mother had been part of a wager cast by her cousin with an adept of Byrony House in the Night Court, and the cousin lost.  Anastaizia’s virginity was lost, while the cousin was made a pariah for his crimes against Manoj’s daughter.  Manoj has grieved since the loss of his only child, and welcomes Hyacinthe with open arms.  Hyacinthe, for his part, is thrilled he has a family who accepts him.

During their second day there, during the horse fair, the Shahrizai come to look at the wares, including Melisande.  Phèdre feels drawn to her despite the hatred she feels towards the woman.  She knows that Melisande will sense her and their ruse will be at an end.  Though it is against the Tsingani law, Hyacinthe uses the dromonde to calm Phèdre down, assuring her Melisande will not see them.

Characters ReturningEdit

Characters IntroducedEdit

  • Manoj-Tsingani Kralis


  • Kusheth
    • Hippochamp
    • Manoj’s kumpania

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