It is forbidden for male Tsingani to practice the dromonde, and Hyacinthe refuses to give up what his mother taught him.  Manoj casts him out.  Joscelin leads them out of the camp before the Shahrizai can figure out that Phèdre is there and convinces the Tsingano Neci to help them get out of the Hippochamp with the promise of trade with Rousse when they reach him.

Hyacinthe is heartbroken at the loss of the family he had never known, but knows that Manoj is not the forgiving type.  They reach Pointe d’Oeste, the holding of the ruling Duc de Morhban of Kusheth.    They meet with the Duc’s guardsmen, using the excuse of the Tsingani wishing to trade horses with Rousse as an excuse to cross the Duc’s lands.  De Morhban arrives and does not seem inclined to allow them through his lands despite their efforts until Phèdre reveals herself.  She offers one night with him for free passage for her company and no questions.  He agrees and takes Phèdre to his castle.

Characters ReturningEdit


  • Kusheth
    • Pointe d’Oeste

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Chapter 63

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Chapter 65

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