Phèdre’s lessons continue in geography, politics, and the nobility.   She also learns of the Battle of the Three Princes.  Phèdre glimpses the sorrow the memory of this battle brings Delaunay, especially regarding the fallen Prince Rolande de la Courcel.  He mourns the Prince’s passing and the political threat that now looms over the throne of Terre D’Ange, not the least of which is Prince Baudoin.

Phèdre has continued to meet with her oldest friend in Night’s Doorstep with the somewhat tacit approval of Delaunay.  His one request is that she informs his man, Guy, so that she is protected in the City.  On one such visit to Hyacinthe he shares with her that “Delaunay” is not her master’s real name and they ponder the mystery that is Anafiel Delaunay.   Phèdre learns he was once a poet whose work was banned after he insulted Isabel L’Envers, the Princess Consort.  Anasztaizia, Hyacinthe’s mother and under the influence of the dromonde, warns that Phèdre will rue the day that everything is made clear, and she shouldn’t hasten it’s coming.

Characters ReturningEdit

  • Phèdre nó Delaunay
  • Anafiel Delaunay
  • Hyacinthe

Characters IntroducedEdit


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Chapter 7

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Chapter 9

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