Kazan Atrabiades

First Appearance

Kushiel's Chosen, Chapter 48



Hair Color


Eye Color



Njesa Atrabiades


Daroslav Atrabiades

Kazan Atrabiades is an Illyrian pirate. He rescured Phedre no Delaunay de Montreve from the waters surrounded La Dolorosa after her escape.

Kazan carries a blood-guilt from the accidental death of his brother Daroslav. The blood-guilt prevents him from going home to Epidauro. If he returns home, the kriavbhog will swallow his soul. When he arrives in Kriti he undergoes the ritual of thetalos to absolve him of this guilt. Phedre saves his life by joining him in the thetalos even though she has not gone through the initation rites.

Kazan's piratesEdit

Glaukos --physician and former slave.

Nikanor--Kazan's second in command. Kazan gives orders for Nikanor to take command of his fleet in the event of Kazan's death by the kriavbhog. He attempted to sail to Terre d'Ange with a message to Roxanne de Mereliot in Marsilikos on Phedre's behalf.

Gorian--accompanied Nikanor on his journey to Marsilikos. He is older than the other pirates. He is well-traveled and speaks Hellene.




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