Kriti is the equivalent of the Greek island Crete. The people speak Hellene.


Kriti was never part of the Tiberian Empire. During the time of the Empire, Kritian fled from their shores to the inland and fought off the Empire's forces.


The leader of Kriti is called the Archon, and he rules from Phaistos.

The people are led by descendants of their legendary king, Minos.

The TemenosEdit

The Temenos is an area of Kriti dedicated to a religious sect who worships Mother Dia. There, the Kore has the power to cleanse a person of their blood guilt by having the person undergo a ritual called thetalos. It is governed by the Hierarch, and the Kore sanctifies the rituals occuring in the Temenos. Though Kriti is a patriarchal society, the Kore is attended only by women. One must go through certain initation rights before going through the thetalos. Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève was the only person to have survived the thetalos without first going through the initation.

Kazan Atribades went through the thetalos to cleanse him of his blood-guilt for his brother Daroslav Atrabiades's death.

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