Kushiel's Avatar is the third book in the Kushiel's Legacy saga and the final book in the Phedre trilogy. It concerns Phedre's childhood friend Hyacinthe and the breaking of the curse of the Master of the Straits and has a time frame of two years.


Phèdre's Household
Anafiel Delaunay de Montrève—mentor of Phèdre (deceased)
Alcuin nó Delaunay—student of Delaunay (deceased)
Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève—Comtesse de Montrève; anguissette
Joscelin Verreuil—Phèdre's Consort; Cassiline Brother (Siovale)
Fortun, Remy—chevaliers deceased)
Eugènie—Mistress of the Household
Clory—niece of Eugènie
Purnell Friote—seneschal of Montrève
Richeline Friote—wife of Purnell

Members of the Royal Family: Terre d'Ange
Ysandre de la Courcel—Queen of Terre d'Ange; wed to Drustan mab Necthana
Sidonie de la Courcel—elder daughter of Ysandre
Alais de la Courcel—younger daughter of Ysandre
Barquiel L'Envers—uncle of Ysandre; Duc L'Envers (Namarre)

Drustan mab Necthana—Cruarch of Alba, wed to Ysandre de la Courcel
Necthana—mother of Drustan
Breidaia, Moiread (deceased), Sibeal—Drustan's sisters, daughters of Necthana

Three Sisters
Hyacinthe—apprentice to Master of the Straits; Prince of Travellers
Tilian, Gildas—assistants

La Serenissima
Benedicte de la Courcel—great-uncle of Ysandre; Prince of the Blood (deceased)
Melisande Shahrizai de la Courcel—second wife of Benedicte
Imriel de la Courcel—son of Benedicte and Melisande
Severio Stregazza—son of Marie-Celeste de la Courcel and Marco Stregazza; Prince of the Blood
Cesare Stregazza—Doge of La Serenissima
Ricciardo Stregazza—younger son of the Doge
Allegra Stregazza—wife of Ricciardo
Benito Dandi—noble, member of the Immortali

Chevalier Millard—Joscelin's father
Ges—Joscelin's mother
Luc—Joscelin's elder brother
Yvonne—wife of Luc
Mahieu—Joscelin's younger brother
Marie-Louise—wife of Mahieu
Jehane—Joscelin's elder sister

Nicola L'Envers y Aragon—cousin of Queen Ysandre
Ramiro Zornín de Aragon—King's Consul, husband of Nicola
Fernan—Count of Amílcar
Vitor Gaitán—Captain of the Harbor Watch
Mago, Harnapos—Carthaginian slavers

Fadil Chouma—slaver (deceased)
Raife Laniol, Comte de Penfars—ambassador to Menekhet
Juliet de Penfars—wife of Raife
Ptolemy Dikaios—Pharaoh of Menekhet
Clytemne—wife of Pharaoh
Rekhmire—Treasury clerk
Denise Fleurais—member of Lord Amaury's delegation
Radi Arumi—Jebean guide
General Hermodorus—enemy of the Pharaoh

Sinaddan-Shamabarsin—Lugal of Khebbel-im-Akkad
Valère L'Envers—wife of the Lugal; daughter of Barquiel L'Envers
Tizrav—Persian guide
Renée de Rives—member of Lord Amaury's delegation
Nicholas Vigny—member of Lord Amaury's delegation
Nurad-Sin—Akkadian captain

The Mahrkagir—"Conquerer of Death," ruler of Drujan
Gashtaham—chief Skotophagotis
Tahmuras—a warrior
Nariman—Chief Eunuch of the zenana
Rushad—Persian eunuch
Erich—Skaldi prisoner
Drucilla—Tiberian prisoner
Kaneka—Jebean prisoner
Uni-Azag—Akkadian eunuch
Jolanta—Chowati prisoner
Nazneen—Ephesian prisoner
Jagun—chief of the Kereyit Tatars
Arshaka—Chief Magus

Wali—river guide
Mek Timmur—caravan master
Zanadakhete—Queen of Meroë
Ras Lijasu—Prince of Meroë
Nathifa—sister of Lijasu
Tifari Amu—guide
Shoanete—Kaneka's grandmother, storyteller

Hanoch ben Hadad—captain of the militia
Yevuneh—widow, sister of Hanoch
Bilgah—Elder of the Sanhedrin
Abiram—Elder of the Sanhedrin
Ranit—woman of Saba
Semira—woman of Saba
Morit—woman of Saba, astronomer
Ardath—daughter of Yevuneh
Eshkol ben Avidan—soldier

Evrilac Duré—Captain of the Guard at Pointe des Soeurs
Guillard, Armand—men-at-arms at Pointe des Soeurs
Bérèngere of Namarre—priestess of the Great Temple of Naamah
Eleazar ben Enokh—Yeshuite mystic
Adara—wife of Eleazar
Michel Nevers—priest of Kushiel
Audine Davul—D'Angeline scholar of Jebe-Barkal
Emile—member of Hyacinthe's former crew; chief among Tsingani in the City
Brother Selbert—chief priest in the Sanctuary of Elua (Siovale)
Liliane—acolyte in the Sanctuary of Elua (Siovale)
Honore, Beryl, Cadmar, Ti-Michel—children in the Sanctuary of Elua (Siovale)
Jacques Écot—crofter (Siovale)
Agnes—wife of Jacques (Siovale)
Kristof, son of Oszkar—head of a Tsingani kumpania
Cecilie Laveau-Perrin—adept of Cereus House; tutor to Phèdre and Alcuin
Roxanne de Mereliot—Lady of Marsilikos (Eisande)
Thelesis de Mornay—Queen's Poet
Quintilius Rousse—Royal Admiral


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