Leander Maignard is a scion of Kushiel living on Cythera and in the service of Melisande Shahrizai. He has the look of the Shahrizai family. He is also quite vain and can be pompus.


Early lifeEdit

Before Leander was born, the Maignard family fell into poverty due to the machination of Melisande's father Casimar Shahrizai. He had an affair with a woman from Azzalle named Victoire married to a Kusheline baron. When Victoire refused to acknowledge her children as Casimar's, he devised a scheme to ruin the family. Melisande sought out the family and bought them out of poverty in exchange their loyality.

During Leander's life time, Melisande had the family moved to Cythera. Melisande trained Leander to be a Guildsman.

In Kushiel's MercyEdit

Leander meets Imriel de la Courcel and accompanies him to meet his mother and in the days waiting for Solon to figure out and devise a new spell. Solon's spell requires Leander to give his memories and appearance to Imriel, and Imriel goes through portions of the book believing he is Leander.

The real Leander goes to Terre d'Ange for Imriel and Sidonie's wedding, to deliver a message to Phedre, and possibly spy for Melisande.

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