Lucius Tadius da Lucca

First Appearance

Kushiel's Scion, Chapter 30




Tadeii, Lucca

Hair Color



Publius Tadius, Beatrice Tadia


Claudia Fulvia

Great Grandfather

Gallus Tadius

Lucius Tadius da Lucca is a Caerdicci nobleman from the city of Lucca. He and Imriel become close friends while studing together in Tiberium. His sister is Claudia Fulvia.

In Kushiel's ScionEdit

Lucius studied with Imriel, Eamonn, and Brigitta under Master Piero. He is haunted by the ghost of his great-grandfather Gallus Tadius, a former Prince of Lucca and military leader.

Lucius agreed to marry Helena Correggio, the daughter of the Prince of Lucca, to unite their families and protect Helena (and Lucca) from her other suitor, the Duke of Valpetra.

When Helena is kidnapped by the Duke of Valpetra, the ghost of Gallus Tadius possesses Lucius, and Lucius (as Gallus) protects the city from the invading mercenary army of Valpetra.

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