The Maghuin Dhonn, also refered to as the Old Ones or the Wise Ones, are a folk of Alba symblized by the brown bear, essentially their goddess, also callled the Maghuin Dhonn. They are generally considered wild and shunned by others. The people of the Cullach Gorrym do not speak their name, but the Dalriada are more accepting of them.

Like the Cullach Gorrym, the Maghuin Dhonn believe that they are earth's oldest people. They also believe that they were responsible for defeating the Tiberian Empire in Alba. They say that when the Tiberian army arrived, the Maghuin Dhonn fled into the wild places of Alba. Donnchadh, a magician, saw a vision of the future and sought to avoid that future through his own sacrifice. He became an avatar of the Maghuin Dhonn herself and allowed himself to be sold into capitivity and tortured by the Tiberians until he had the opportunity to kill the Tiberian Governor of Alba.

Others tell that the Maghuin Dhonn feed bears the flesh of children.

Known Maghuin DhonnEdit

Berlik--magician and leader. Killed Dorelei mab Breidaia.

Aodhan--possibly Maghuin Dhonn. Does not deny or confirm it when asked by Imriel. An ollamh.

Ferghus--harpist and father of Conor mac Grainne.

Morwen--namesake of Moirin mab Fainche

Moirin mac Fainche- Descendant of Alais de la Courcel and Conor mac Grainne

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