Percy de Somerville


Percy de Somerville, Comte (later Duc) de Somerville


D'Angeline (L'Agnacite)

Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Blue


Ghislain de Somerville


Bertran de Trevalion


Rolande de la Courcel

Other Relatives

Genevieve de Somerville


House Somerville, House Courcel

First Appearance

Kushiel's Dart Chapter 14

Percy de Somerville, the Comte and later Duc de Somerville, is the Royal Commander of Terre d'Ange at the start of the series. He serves faithfully in the Battle of the Three Princes and the Skaldi invasion, but he plots with Melisande Shahrizai to steal the throne after she blackmails him. He is kin to Queen Genevieve de Somerville and counted as a Prince of the Blood. Ghislain de Somerville is his son.

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