Phedre's Boys are a group of sailors in the Royal Navy who were knighted by Phedre following the battle at Bryn Gorrydum.

Prior to the battle, Quintilius Rousse promised them that Phedre would knight them if they fought in the battle. Phedre was initially shocked when she found out, but she went ahead and knighted them. Rousse gave them the name of Phedre's Boys. In exchange for their service, Phedre promised them all free tokens to the Night Court. They made up their own insignia: a black flag with a jagged red circle pierced by a gold dart. They also made up a marching chant, with lyrics such as:

Whip us till we're on the floor/We'll turn around and ask for more/We're Phedre's Boys!

We like to hurt/We like to bleed/Daily floggings do we need/We're Phedre's Boys!

Man or woman, we don't care/Give us twins, we'll take the pair/But just because we let you beat us/Doesn't mean you can defeat us!

Phedre's Boys fought in the Battle of Troyes-le-Mont. Only a handful of them survived, and out of that group three chose to enter Phedre's service as her chevaliers. These were Remy, Fortun and Ti-Philippe. Phedre trained them some of the arts of covertcy she learned from Delaunay.

All three of them accompanied Phedre when she went to La Serenissima in search of Melisande. Remy and Fortun were killed by Melisande and Benedicte. Ti-Philippe escaped them by jumping into a canal. He remained in Phedre's service after that, the last of Phedre's Boys.

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