Solon is the governor of Cythera. He has been nicknamed "the Wise Ape" because he has a reputation for being a scholar and very ugly. He has brown eyes, brown skin, and silver hair. Melisande Shahrizai is his mistress.

Solon received the Unseen Guild's training from his kinsman Ptolomy Dikaios but would not swear allegiance to them.

In Kushiel's Mercy, he listened to Imriel de la Courcel's story of the enchantment of Terre d'Ange and was able to figure out the spell that Bodeshmun had created. At Melisande's request, Solon agreed to help Imriel by creating the spell that gave Imriel Leander Maignard's memories and appearance.

Memorable quotes by or about Ptolomy Solon Edit

" the highest form of wisdom."

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