A Servant of Naamah is an individual who engages in sacred prostitution as a way of worshipping Naamah. They vary from the courtesans of the Night Court to common prostitutes. They are given quite high status in Terre d'Ange due to prostitution being considered a sacred act.

General InformationEdit

The practices of Naamah's Servants vary, but there are some commonalities. They are typically initiated into Naamah's Service at age thirteen. Initiation into Naamah's Service is performed by a priest of Naamah and involves annointing the initiate with oil, eating a honey cake, drinking wine and releasing a dove. Initiates spend the next three years studying Naamah's Arts. These include erotic texts such as the Trois Mille Joies, the Journey of Naamah, the Ecstatica and the Log of Seven Hundred Kisses.

Naamah's Servants must be sixteen before they may begin taking patrons. Once they turn sixteen, they may hold an auction where prospective patrons view them and offer bids for their virgin price.

All of Naamah's Servants bear elaborate tatoos, or marques, on their backs. This is done because Naamah was said to scratch the backs of patrons who pleased her, and the marks never faded. Each house of the Night Court has its own established marque pattern, but a marquist may design something unique for a freelance Servant of Naamah.

Notable Servants of NaamahEdit

Phedre no Delaunay- Servant of Naamah and anguissette.

Alcuin no Delaunay- Servant of Naamah, though he secretly hated it and did it only out of love for Delaunay.

Cecilie Laveau-Perrin- Former Cereus adept, greatest courtesan of her day.

Jehanne de la Courcel nó Cereus- Cereus adept and second wife of the King of Terre d'Ange during the Moirin trilogy (Naamah's Kiss, Naamah's Curse, Naamah's Blessing).