All knowledge is worth having.
Attributed to Shemhazai

Shemhazai, one of Elua's Companions, valued knowledge and taught D'Angelines their written language.[1] He founded the province of Siovale located in the southwest of Terre d'Ange and bordering Aragonia and Euskerria. His priests and priestesses wear gray robes. A placard in a temple located in Siovale says, "All knowledge is worth having." Some temples of Shemhazai feature mechanical statues of him.

The Yeshuites identify his sin as arrogance for cleverness' sake.[2]

Characters associated with ShemhazaiEdit

House Montreve--scions of Shemhazai

House Verreuil--scions of Shemhazai

House Rocaille- scions of Shemhazai

Tibault de Toluard- Marquis de Toluard, an avid Siovalese scholar.

In Moirin's Trilogy Edit

Denis de Toluard- friend of Raphael de Mereliot, member of the Circle of Shalomon


  1. Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 42" — I do not laugh at this, for it was Shemhazai who taught the D'Angelines to write.
  2. Kushiel's Avatar, "Chapter 3" — Yeshuites claim the others followed Elua out of arrogance, defying the One God's rule; Naamah for desire, Azza for pride, Shemhazai, for cleverness' sake, and so forth.
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