House Stregazza is one of the most prominent noble families of La Serenissima. Its arms is a carrack at harbor, with the tower of the Arsenal in the background.

General InformationEdit

The Stregazza have considerable power and influence. They claim descent from Marcus Aurelius Strega. The Doge at the beginning of the series is a Stregazza. The family also has ties to House Courcel through the marriage of Prince Benedicte and Maria Stregazza. They also seem to marry each other occasionally. The Stregazza are very ambitious and cunning, frequently trying to increase their power. Dominic, the husband of Benedicte's daughter Therese, thought to position his family close to the D'Angeline throne. He poisoned Isabel L'Envers, and was in turn assassinated by Barquiel L'Envers. The Stregazza and their schemes feature prominently in Kushiel's Chosen. Marco and Marie-Celeste conspired with Melisande and Benedicte, thinking to have Marco elected Doge. Their son Severio is one of the few members of the family innocent of murder or treason. He became Phedre's first patron during Kushiel's Chosen and later proposed to her.


Cesare Stregazza- Doge of La Serenissima.

Maria Stregazza- Wife of Benedicte de la Courcel, dies prior to the series.

Marie-Celeste de la Courcel Stregazza- Daughter of Maria and Benedicte, married to Marco, mother of Severio.

Therese de la Courcel Stregazza- Daughter of Maria and Benedicte, married to Dominic, they have four children, imprisoned for her role in Isabel L'Envers' death.

Marco Stregazza- Son of Cesare, husband of Marie-Celeste, father of Severio.

Severio Stregazza- Son of Marco and Marie-Celeste.

Ricciardo Stregazza- Son of Cesare, married to Allegra.

Dominic Stregazza- From a lesser branch of the family, married to Therese, poisoned Isabel L'Envers, assassinated by Barquiel L'Envers.