Tadeuz Vral, engaged in a fight with his brother Fedor, conquered and founded Vralia. He sought the help of Micah ben Ximon, who promised to help him if Tadeuz converted to the Yeshuite faith. Tadez converted but turned Vralia into a vision not shared by ben Ximon or others who helped found and the country. He believes that the Yeshuite god chose him to found the new kingdom with ben Ximon's sword to carve the way for Yeshua's return and uses the image of Yeshua dying on the cross as a symbol of his father rather than the previously used chai. He is zealous in his beliefs and allows criminals--from people escaping punishment for a petty crime to murderers--to seek sanctuary in Vralia as long as they convert to the Yeshuite faith. He believes those encroaching on his land must be conquered or converted. He, in part, was responsible for changing the Yeshuite faith to the oppressive and zealous faith seen in Naamah's Curse.

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