The Siege of Amilcar occured during the Carthaginian invasion of Aragonia. Sidonie de la Courcel and Imriel de la Courcel took refuge in the city during the siege. With the help of the Euskerri, Aragonian forces were able to defeat Carthage.

Acting on Sidonie's plan, Euskerri forces dressed as Amazigh to fool General Astegal of Carthage, the Amazigh dress having been taken from the dead in the earlier Battle of Roncal. Imriel was one of the ones disguised as Amazigh.

Imriel's forces stoped marching just before reaching a bridge over the Barca River. Imriel killed a Carthaginian sentry and waited for Astegal and his troops to be confused and engage him. Imriel instructed his forces to retreat and eventually led Astegal into an ambush from the troops of the Duke of Tibado. Imriel's troops charged the bridge, allowing the Aragonian army in Amilcar to come to their aid. Astegal was captured and sentenced to be executed the following day.

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