Following the announcement of the wedding of Lucius Tadius to Helena Correggio, Helena was kidnapped and forced into marriage to Domenico Martelli, the Duke of Valpetra. When Lucius arrived home for his wedding, he saw the city's bell tower had been set on fire, releasing the ghosts of Lucca, and that his bride had been kidnapped.

Helena's father Gaetano Correggio the Prince of Lucca wanted a parlay with Martelli and allowed him and fifty of his troops into the city along with Helena. When he refused to acknowledge Martelli as his heir, Martelli and his mercenary army laid siege to the city. Gillot disabled the city's drawbridge to prevent the rest of Valpetra's army from entering the city. Imriel no Montreve rescused Helena from Martelli by cutting off Martelli's hand around Helena's arm.

Lucca's army, the Red Scourge, was led by the ghost of Gallus Tadius, who had possessed his great-grandson Lucius.

Imriel, Eamonn, and Brigitta, who had all come to Lucca for their friend's wedding, were trapped in the city during the siege. Eamonn and Brigitta were married before Brigitta was freed to return to Tiberius. Eamonn and Imriel joined the Red Scourge.

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