Ti-Philippe is one of the chevaliers known as Phedre's Boys. He was a sailor in the Royal Navy and knighted by Phedre no Delaunay de Montreve after the Battle of Bryn Gorrydum. He, along with Remy and Fortun, decided to remain in Phedre's service after the Battle of Troyes-le-Mont.

In Kushiel's Chosen Edit

Ti-Philippe, Remy, and Fortun, accompany Phedre and Joscelin to La Serenissima. He chose to stay behind when Phedre went to the Little Court so that he might wait for Joscelin and tell him where Phedre went. When Melisande sent guards to kill Ti-Philippe and Joscelin, he escaped by jumping into a canal. He later found Joscelin and attempted to rescue Phedre from La Dolorosa.

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