During the time of the events of Kushiel's Legacy, Tiberium is a city-state of Caerdicca Unitas. Yet Tiberium is the equivalent of Rome, and like the real life city, was also once the seat of a vast empire.

History of the Tiberium EmpireEdit

Tiberium in AlbaEdit

The Tiberium Empire spread to the island of Alba. According to most Albans, the empire was driven out when Cinhil Ru, the legendary ruler of Alba, united the tribes and fought them out. The Maghuin Dhonn, however, say that the empire was defeated because of the sacrifice of Donnchadh, a Maghuin Dhonn magician who shapeshifted into a bear allowed himself to be held captive and tortured and eventually found an opportunity to kill the Tiberian governor of Alba.

Tiberium in KritiEdit

The Tiberium Empire never conquered Kriti. When the Tiberium Empire came to the islands off Hellas, the people of Kriti moved inland. And when the empire fell, the people of Kriti took back their waters.

Tiberium in Kushiel's ScionEdit

Imriel travels to Tiberium to study at the university with his friend Eamonn mac Grainne. There he also meets fellow students Lucius Tadius da Lucca and Eamonn's future wife Brigitta. He also has an affair with Lucius's sister Claudia Fulvia and is taught about The Unseen Guild by her.

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