The Tsingano people are akin to the Roma. They are known for being horse traders and are said to come from Bhodistan. It is believed that they must travel the Longo Drom--the long road--and have no permanent home because they did not give sancutary to Elua during his travels in Bhodistan.

Certain Tsingani women possess the dromonde, like prophecy, but it can see into the past as well as future. It is forbidden for men to speak the dromonde.

Notable Tsingani charactersEdit

Hyacinthe--Phedre's best friend from childhood. Becomes Master of the Straits.

Anasztaizia- Hyacinthe's mother.

Manoj- Hyacinthe's grandfather, tsingan kralis.

Emile--Friend of Hyacinthe. Given the tavern the coquerel after Hyacinthe becomes Master of the Straits.

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