Urist is a guard at Breidaia mab Necthana's home in Clunderry, Alba.

Urist fought for Drustan during the Battle of Bryn Gorrydum during the events of Kushiel's Dart, but he had not been introduced as a character at that time. During the battle, he killed his own brother who sided with Maelcon the Usurper. He prayed for his brother's forgiveness every day after this. He believes he saw his brother during the procession on the Feast of the Dead and believes this means his brother understands.

He was part of the ollamh Firdha's honor guard during her visit to Terre d'Ange in Kushiel's Justice. He befriends Imriel de la Courcel during his marriage to Dorelei mab Breidaia. After Dorelei's death, Urist promises Imriel to help hunt down Berlik, but Urist is injured in the shipwreck in Vralia and cannot contine.

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