House Verreuil is a minor noble house of Siovale. They are descended from Shemhazai, though theirs is a minor bloodline.

General InformationEdit

House Verreuil is a very traditional and somewhat old-fashioned house. They have kept the tradition of sending middle sons to the Cassiline Brotherhood for generations. Joscelin's uncle and great uncle were both Cassilines, and he inherited his weapons from them. Members of the house also show the scholarly interests common to scions of Shemhazai. Jehane has made a study of all the noble families of Siovale. They have served the crown faithfully for many years. Millard was given the title chevalier as a reward for his service in the Battle of the Three Princes. Both Millard and Luc fought at Troyes-le-Mont, where Millard lost a hand.

The estate of Verreuil is located in the Siovalese mountains, west of Montreve. It is situated on Lake Verre. The furnishings are fine, but worn in places. The family eats in the dining hall, accompanied by their men-at-arms and other commoners. Phedre has accompanied Joscelin to visit his family numerous times. In Kushiel's Avatar, they travel to Verreuil seeking aid in their search for Imriel.



Millard Verreuil- Chevalier, father of Joscelin, fought in the Battle of the Three Princes & the Battle of Troyes-le-Mont.

Ges Verreuil- Wife of Millard.

Luc Verreuil- Older brother of Joscelin, fought at Troyes-le-Mont, accompanies Phedre and Joscelin to Aragonia as they search for Imriel.

Jehane Verreuil- Older sister of Joscelin, has studied the geneology of Siovalese noble families.

Joscelin Verreuil- Cassiline Brother, consort of Phedre.

Mahieu Verreuil- Younger brother of Joscelin.

Honore Verreuil- Sister of Joscelin.

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